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Australian Aviation Psychology Association "Expanding our members' contribution to the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry"

About the Australian Aviation Psychology Association

The Australian Aviation Psychology Association (AAvPA) is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in Victoria under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act of 1981.


The AAvPA website is primarily aimed at existing membership for the purpose of improving internal communication and the dissemination of information about news and events.

As such the website facilitates:

  • communication between researchers/academics, industry and regulators.
  • best practice sharing across the industry with the aim of reducing cost to individual businesses
  • collaboration between all players to work on integrated practical solutions for existing issues and future challenges; and
  • promote the human side of aviation.

Executive Board Members


[Michelle Grech]
Vice President

Vice President

[Brett Molesworth]


[Nathalie Boston]


[Adam Branscombe]

Non-Executive Board Members

Sam James (Australian Army)
Patricia McDonell
Wayne Martin (Virgin Australia)
Kirstie Carrick (Newcastle University)
Patrick Murray (The University of Southern Queensland)
Moira Schlossberger
Matt Harris (CAANZ)
Michael Evans (BAE Systems)
Paul Treseder (Qantas)
Alex Roberts