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Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors

The Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors Journal is the joint journal of AAvPA and the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP). The journal is published by Hogrefe

Editor in Chief

  • Julia Behrend () - France


  • Matthew Thomas () - Australia

Associate Editors

  • Robert Bor - United Kingdom
  • Mickaël Causse - France
  • Ioana Koglbauer - Austria
  • Harald Kolrep - Germany
  • Monica Martinussen - Norway
  • Michaela Schwarz - Austria

Aim and Scope

Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors (APAHF) publishes innovative, original, high-quality applied research covering all aspects of the aerospace domain. In order to make the journal accessible to both practitioners and scientific researchers, the contents are broadly divided into original scientific research articles and papers for practitioners.

The fully peer-reviewed Original Articles cover a variety of methodological approaches, ranging from experimental surveys to ethnographic and observational research, from those psychological and human factors disciplines relevant to the field, including social psychology, cognitive psychology, and ergonomics. High-quality critical review articles and meta-analyses cover particular topics of current scientific interest. Shorter studies are published as Research Notes.

APAHF in Practice consists of less technically written, but still fully peer-reviewed articles covering a wide range of topics, such as comments on incidents and accidents, innovative applications of aviation psychology, and reviews of best practices in industry.

Finally, the journal's News and Announcements section features past and upcoming events around the world, association news, interviews, and similar.


Submissions for any section of APAHF must be sent to the .

Submission Letter

Manuscripts must be accompanied by a formal letter of submission addressed to the Editor in Chief confirming that:

  • (a) the manuscript has not been published previously (and is not under consideration for another journal);
  • (b) the manuscript is being submitted with the agreement of all authors; and
  • (c) all participants and their data were treated in accordance with appropriate ethical guidelines.


Submission of manuscripts is taken to imply that neither the manuscript nor any component of it has already been published or is currently under consideration by another journal. Read more

Enquiries and Help

Technical queries should go to .

Informal enquiries concerning the content and format of papers should be addressed to .

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