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5th AAvPA Symposium (2000)

Date: 1 November 2000

The fifth Symposium was held in Manly.

Dr Rob Lee awarded the Second AAvPA Aviation Human Factors Achievement Award.

Invited Speakers included:

  • Prof James Reason (University of Manchester)
  • Capt Dan Maurino (ICAO)
  • Prof Bob Helmreich (NASA/UT Research Project)
  • Prof Erik Hollnagel (Linköping University)
  • Prof Rhona Flynn (University of Aberdeen)
  • Prof Rene Amalberti (IMASSA, France)
  • Dr Gary Klein (Klein Associates)
  • Jean Pariès (Dédale)
  • Bert Ruitenberg (IFATCA)
  • Prof Penny Sanderson (Swinburne University)
  • Dr Rob Lee (BASI)
  • Dr Nick McDonald (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Jean-Jacques Speyer (Airbus)
  • Capt Etienne Tarnowski (Airbus)

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