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6th AAvPA Symposium (2003): Setting the Standards

Date: 1 December 2003

The theme of the Symposium was 'Setting the Standards' in recognition that the academic, industry and regulatory environments are now beginning to progressively establish standards and guidance to assist more efficient and effective human performance.

Brent Hayward awarded the Third AAvPA Aviation Human Factors Achievement Award.

Key note speakers

  • Prof James Reason (Dédale)
  • Capt Dan Maurino (ICAO)
  • Prof Robert Helmreich (University of Texas)
  • Dr Robert Lee (Consultant)
  • Mr Bert Ruitenberg (IFATCA)
  • Prof Rhona Flin (University of Aberdeen)
  • Dr Curtis Graeber (Boeing)
  • Dr Alan Hobbs (SJSU Foundation, NASA Ames)
  • Prof Erik Hollnagel (University of Linköping)
  • Prof Helen Muir (Cranfield University)and
  • Capt Etienne Tarnowski (Airbus)

Program highlights

The Symposium consisted of a diverse range of presentations in the Invited Plenary Paper Session, which were followed by Parallel Paper Sessions. These were followed by a eight parallel Development Workshops. Within these forums, the Symposium brought together practitioners from aviation psychology and human factors, flight operations management, safety managers, pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, engineering and maintenance personnel, air safety investigators, staff from manufacturers and regulatory bodies, and applied aviation industry researchers and academics.

In recognition that other domains face similar challenges to that of aviation, special Health Care and Rail Safety workshops were presented on Wednesday, 3 December. Papers and presentations from these workshops are included in the Symposium proceedings.

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