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AAvPA workshop Seminar - 18 August

Date: 27 July 2023

AAvPA are happy to announce that we are holding the following in person Workshop Seminar:

Subject: Human Factors in Hybrid Team Environments: Frontiers of Humans, Automation, and Risk
Date and time: 18th August 2023, 1000-1500
Location: Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport

This event is free for current AAvPA members. Non-Members can attend for a fee of $90 (this fee includes a 12 months AAvPA membership)

Workshop Seminar brief:
Over many decades, the discipline of Human Factors has applied a range of tools for understanding the operation of complex systems and applying risk mitigating strategies to ensure the ultra-safe systems of today. However, we are entering the next stage of automation, with mixed human and technological teams. From autonomous systems, through to reduced crew complements, to teams with mixed human and machine agents, a new horizon of risk is emerging. What lessons have we and can we learn, what do we know in terms of risk, and what are our priorities for safety in next generations of complex systems?

Confirmed speakers include:

- A/Prof Gemma Read / Co-Director - Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems - University of the Sunshine Coast
- Ben Fell / Project Manager - Fugro
- Adela Greenbaum / Advisor Novel Domestic Commercial Vessel Policy AMSA
- Captain Marcus Diamond, Safety & Technical Manager, Australian Federation of Air Pilots

Attendance at the workshop will enable you to engage in Q&A and discussion sessions, as well as hearing from a number of speakers from both industry and academia.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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